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Crystalline Pathway Healing Sessions

Crystalline Pathway Healing, established by Grace Galzagorry, is an advanced form of quantum healing based on love and founded to serve the shift of the species into crystalline consciousness. This accelerated modality serves to heal individuals, collectives, and the planet herself through the resolution of trauma and the restoration of pathways of love in the body.

Crystalline Pathway healing is based on the premise that our DNA is comprised of the All That Is — the pristine field of pure awareness and love. At our core we are whole, perfect, and complete. Over the course of lifetimes we amass emotional trauma through multiple means. Genetic patterns in one’s lineage carry unresolved emotional issues passed on to descendants.

Traumas may have taken place for individuals or groups in current or past lives and when unresolved, create distortions in the organic flow of life in the body through many lifetimes. Regardless of the source, these traumas are lodged in the cellular memory of the body— in our very DNA. They carry powerful messages for the restoration of health and vitality and for the evolution of the soul.

Crystalline Pathway Healing offers an opportunity to access and lift unconscious detrimental patterns energetically and at their point of origin, liberating and restoring Wholeness and Divine Oneness. Wholeness in relationship with our innermost Self leads to wholeness in all our relationships. At the collective level, the healing lifts and clears major energetic imprints or distortions that block the flow of love held in the DNA of humanity and the Earth.

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